Carolyn Donnelly eclectic for Dunnes Stores


This post is inspired by the beautiful display at the entrance to Dunnes Stores in Eyre Square, you know the entrance next to the Hole in the Wall. If you went to college in Galway you’ll know it because you more than likely used it as a short cut to Supermacs during Rag Week.

When Carolyn Donnelly eclectic first appeared in Dunnes Stores I didn’t really know what is was or why it was there. It felt a little jarring, it wasn’t what I was used to seeing in my local store. Nonetheless, I must say the recent crop of brand collaborations has really propelled Dunnes Stores into competition with the likes of M&S – well done Dunnes, I like it.

Recently Joanne Hynes at Dunnes Stores won Entrepreneur of the Year at the Irish Tatler Women of the Year Awards, which has only highlighted the success of Dunnes brand collaborations heading into the future. Fitting if you consider Joanne’s collection is all about the modern woman.

Joanne Hynes – Irish Tatler Entrepreneur of the Year

However for this post I will focus on my love for interiors, as after all I’ve spent the last 5 weeks confined to the house recovering from surgery and staring at my post section kangaroo pouch. Fashion is so far into 2017 for me right now. But interiors, now this is something I can get on board with.

The Carolyn Donnelly eclectic range has a beautiful assortment of interior bits and pieces with charming patterns and colours. Adding a little nostalgia and quirkiness to Irish homes.

Untitled design.png

Speak Soon,

Ger x


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